Thursday, February 16, 2012

Philosophy of Learning with Technology

Online classes were made for a person like me. I love using technology, and I prefer to learn at my own pace. I was never one to trust the ‘sage on the stage’- in face-to-face courses I always silently questioned the stories that came from the lecturer or professor. With technology, my educational experiences have been standardized and I have been left on my own to make my own determinations of what is relevant knowledge and what is fabrication.

Technology must support learning by providing an engaging, intuitive environment. Learners should be able to use this learning environment to evaluate their own needs, make decisions, make connections and network, and authenticate their experiences. Technology should support learning by doing, learning by connection, and learning by reflection.

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  1. Hi Karen:
    Your comment made me rethink my personal opinion on technology. I love working with technology, working at my on pace, and on my own time. I must admit I struggle with the delay in response when there are questions to online learning. Often I work on assignments late at night. If I am leery of a written assignment, there may be a tremendous lapse in time to get clarification. This results with one of the two options: I continue to work only to realize I did not grasp the objectives; or I could wait and hope the answer to my question arrives at the appropriate time while I am backing into the cognitive processing of the assignment. I have spent countless wasted hours working toward the wrong conclusion. Nevertheless, the pros must out weigh the cons because I will soon be submitting my prospectus.

    Enjoy your week off,

  2. Karen,

    The use of technology will continue to improve and increase throughout our global society. It assists us in our learning and what we need to do in order to move ourselves forward. It also provides us with opportunities to become more independent learners. Learning takes place anytime and anywhere!!

    Thanks for addressing important points about technology and sharing your philosophy of learning.


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