Monday, December 5, 2011

Learning Theory In Educational Technology

What are your beliefs about how people learn best? What is the purpose of learning theory in educational technology? 

I believe people learn best by being able to choose the delivery method of their learning and by utilizing multiple intelligences to access the material they are trying to understand and apply. In educational technology, it’s important to understand that there are internal processes that the student goes through, and the students have a slight disadvantage because of the lack of face-to-face interaction. Concepts need to be built upon and reinforced, along with being delivered in a way that holds the students interest. In order to effectively deliver an online lesson, there should be opportunity for recognizing a concept, discussion and collaboration, visualization, application and reflection. This can be done with tutorials, drill and practice, discussion boards, case based scenarios, reflection, audio/video and interactivity. Understanding the various learning theories helps a course/content designer construct content that is meaningful for all students, and that promotes critical thinking at all levels within the course. Knowing learning theory as it applies to educational technology sets a stage or purpose fro the construction of digital age material.
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  1. Hello Karen,

    You addressed many important facts about students learning in an online environment. It is important that students be provided with many opportunities to become independent learners. We must introduce a variety of learning styles and resources to reach all learners.